Tea Garden

Nestled elegantly into its landscaped grounds, luminous like a polished jewel, Tea Garden is an intimately exquisite building that exemplifies sophisticated living at its finest.

Comprising 111 suites – uncluding 1,2 bedrooms & 2-story townhomes – Tea Garden offers exceptional, modern living in a building that draws inspiration from the world of boutique hotels. From the carefully considered architecture to the refined interior design, every aspect of the building exudes a beautifully understated elegance.

As you enter the lobby, soft tones and natural elements of wood and stone welcome you into the space, providing a soothing respite from the outside world. Draw further into the heart of the lobby, and a gentle burbling ripple calls your attention to the striking water feature that anchors this serene space.

Throughout the building, subtle details, natural light and a restrained design approach result in a sophisticated yet thoroughly relaxing environment – inviting, embracing, letting you know you’re home.